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    Safety Technology (Associate Degree)

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Program Mission:

The Safety Technology program is committed to providing a broad range of Safety Technology skills designed to meet student aspirations and the needs of the business community. This program endeavors to help students attain their highest educational goals and to provide them a firm foundation in Safety Technology practices and a firm value based foundation for lifelong learning and a career in Safety Technology

Program Objectives:

The Associate Degree in Safety Technology has the following educational objectives:

  • Anticipate, identify, and evaluate hazardous conditions and practices in the workplace and formulate hazard control designs, methods, procedures, and programs.
  • Solve safety-related problems using mathematics, chemistry and life sciences, or management techniques.
  • Use the techniques, skills, and modern scientific and technical tools necessary for professional practice.

Professional Occupations:

The safety professional has the responsibility for studying materials, structures, codes and operations to find the best way to use the resources to control hazards, and those things that lead to accidents, illness, fires, explosions.

The Safety Technology program prepares its students for technical and management oriented positions in

  • Business

  • Education

    Government agencies and institutions such as

  • Construction

  • Energy

  • Chemical

  • Manufacturing

  • Insurance

  • Petroleum

The students are prepared for positions as

  • Compliance Officer

  • Safety Technician

  • Health and Safety Coordinator

  • Loss Control Specialist

  • Inspector

  • Investigator

Program Faculty:



JALAL, Syed Kashif
Lecturer / Program Coordinator
jalal C-274-4
AL-MUHANA, Faisal Ahmed
muhana C-166
hocine C-270-2
FAROOK, Riyazi
riyazif C-274-5
naveed C-270-5
RABBANI, Mohammad Faiz-e
faize C-270-3

Curriculum Overview:

The Objectives of the Associate Degree in Safety Technology are achieved through a curriculum made up of courses in the following four areas:

    General Courses
    ENGL101     English Composition I
    ENGL102     English Composition II
    IAS111        Belief and its Consequences
    IAS201        Objective Writing
    MATH121    Introduction to Applied Calculus
    Basic Courses
     ST101      Introduction to Safety Technology
     ST102      Industrial Safety Standards
     ST103      Accident Investigation and Analysis
     ST199      Summer Internship
     ST201      Safety Management
     ST202      Fire Protection Technology
     ST203      Hazardous Materials
     ST204      Construction Safety
     ST205      Industrial Hygiene
     ST206      Regulations and Legal Aspects of Safety
     ST207      Human Factor in Safety
     ST208      Safety Training Methods
     ST209      Emergency Management
     ST210      Safety Technology Project
     BIOL133   Biology for Engineers
     CHEM133  Chemistry for Engineers
    Safety Technology Summer Internship
This is a summer internship experience for Safety Technology students. Under the instructor’s supervision, each student must participate in a structured period of eight weeks in the Safety Technology section in a selected economic organization. The course is designed to provide each student with the necessary education, technical, and people skills to be successful in an Safety Technology position. The student must write a report about his summer internship.
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